The hidden maze. :3 by ExplodingPankake

You stumble across the maze. You have heard when you complete 3 stages, you will earn 8 stacks of diamonds and 5 butter stacks (Kat face -3- ).But there is an old obsidian rock so stiff that you have to mine it with a diamond and butter pickaxe to break it.You are desperate to break the obsidian. Are you worthy to break the obsidian? make it through the maze!

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Review by Icamenal
02 Apr 2016
I was thinking, "This is a little like Minecraft. Oh, it IS Minecraft." I should read the descriptions and comments before playing...
Anyway, the grammatical errors detract from the plotline(...ish thingamajig?), though I can understand if people aren't native English speakers. The story is nonsensical, which can be humorous, but for crabby old men like me, it was just annoying, especially since it persisted throughout the whole game. For me it lost the humor, I think because of the absurdity of the outcomes.

Review by namekuseijin
15 Feb 2015
Puerile, obnoxious, sudden death meaningless choices, etc

Review by 22jeffersonz
17 Aug 2014



Review by Ranique
09 Aug 2014
I really like that! It was quite funny too, when I realized it was based on Minecraft! I LOVE MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by Happy Grace
18 May 2014
I didn't like this game. It basically made you do the right choice, with no extended alternate branches. (Also, I was annoyed at the grammar, but that's not your fault, I'm just a horrible pedant.)

Review by NoGoodNamesLeft
11 May 2014
Haha this was pretty good.

Review by Nicks
12 Apr 2014
its awesome!!!

Review by DanielCoelho
19 Mar 2014
Probably the easiest one I've seen xD

Review by Claire6129
19 Mar 2014
Nyan cat, lol!!

Review by Vansh
19 Mar 2014
I love the Nyan cat part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game is fantastic and you have done a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!

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