Joel by HalfTechn30

This is my first game. I hope you like it!


clicking on "enter in the plant's room" or "the blue dragons" will not give you any results,and i don't know how to fix this bug.
Review by TheBoldWriter
08 Dec 2017
Okay, so I get it. Just like the usual story. You get up and you don't have a memory. A disappointment because I thought that the whole no memory thing was getting old. This game isn't perfect. Then again, nothing is. The thing I found very disappointing was the lack of description. All the choices lead to one line descriptions. And some didn't have any at all! Many improvements needed until I'll ever play this again. Make it MORE DESCRIPTIVE. Make it LONGER. And add some SUSPENSE. Audio and Visual wouldn't be a bad idea.

Overall, short. Not very descriptive. Usual no memory story. Very boring. Narration not good. Wouldn't play again in the current state.

Review by funkyspunk90
25 Nov 2017
Not much story, just the usual where you wake up with no memory. If you guess the wrong direction you just suddenly die.

Review by Hormus
24 Aug 2017
Not too scary, not too bland, just enough suspense and an excellent game.

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