Good Morning, World! by vanilla_buns

A game about getting ready for work. Part of the "My first game jam" learn more here --->

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Review by Pebrell
28 Sep 2017
Fantastic story and pictures.
Un saludo :)

Review by LemonGrabJuice
09 Feb 2017
This right here inspired me to create my own sort of thing called "Cereal. I Mean Life!". I'm really proud of that work, and I have you to thank for it!
This thing is funny, and very accurate. We all try to make our day fun, and we all have to choose between breakfasts, but you made that extremely funny! Quite obviously, the fact that you only have 2 suits, one of them being a dinosaur costume and the other being a cheesy 10th Doctor-esque suit all patched up, isn't accurate, but it's funny!

Review by Regisblackgaard
27 Oct 2016
meh... sort of boring. Maybe you should add another story for the dude's day.

Review by FutureDequei
14 Oct 2016
i really enjoyed that. that was my first one and i was not disappointed. great job.

Review by acheivem3ntguy
28 Sep 2016
this is so cool the art style is so cool

Review by chocorella
26 Sep 2016
Charming, humorous, a definite must when you need a little something to lift your spirits. Gorgeous art is enough to win you over by beauty alone.

Review by Smileyshoes
14 Jul 2016
I loved this game! It was comedic and the art style was quite charming. You should play this game if you are into these "Cute" games.

And when I picked the purple suit, I laughed so hard.

Review by bluestar7799
14 Jul 2016
This is a lovely game with good art and a good charm to it.

Review by Susana
29 May 2016
A lovely game, with cute art, kind and lightly mad text, and fun jokes, despite never really hilarious... could have some more options among pictures, and be a bit longer... but why be demanding with a so light and cheerful game? It ´s a great work, and I give five stars with all merit!

Review by ParableDood
13 Feb 2016
This game is amazing! I love all the pictures! :)

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