As Darkness Falls 2 by CJ592

It's not really a sequel, but it has the same sort of feel as the first ADF game.
You play an investigator of the supernatural. You have heard rumours of a demonic presence in a haunted manor house. it is your job to investigate the area and, if possible, destroy the demon within.

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Review by funkyspunk90
18 Sep 2016
Minimal, with not much detail, more puzzle-based than storytelling.
Could've been much better if it didn't make silly mistakes that make puzzles much more awkward in so many ways - When you get stuck it's not because the puzzles are hard; it's because they're implemented so awkwardly:
It's very picky with which verbs/objects you can use, even when you're trying to do the right thing. The game-suggested verbs you can click on are more misleading than useful: It supplies a "use" buttons for objects which says 'you cant use that here', but often you *can* use the object but have to type something else, specifically and exactly (no useful feedback is given). "Look at" & "examine" are used completely separately, so when you work that out you have to use both on EVERY object.

A bit of polishing and testing could have made this much more entertaining and puzzling rather than just frustratingly non-designed.

Review by danaburgerrr
13 Jan 2015
this was really fun! I love your games, they're always pretty interesting. only got stuck a couple times, but that was mostly due to not knowing the commands for certain things. the car bit took me FOREVER in the garage. I liked the supernatural element of this, and the chandelier element...they're always mysterious and fun. great game!

13 Jun 2012
finished! turns out the command is "use pot on a-frame"

First, I'll say where my opinions come from... I tend to be more from the text-based MUD crowd but moved on to playing a lot of older and newer text adventures.

Frustrating at times but a really good puzzle game that's a good blend of classic text adventure intuition and common sense. I'm not from the era of the old school text adventures games so some of the commands to me aren't as intuitive and involve finding the correct syntax like "lift carpet" or "push button" (instead of press button). The putty business on the tripod and the laser (its a good thing I didn't try to turn it on) also threw me off, and it took me over three tries to figure out how to find the gravestone when the laser was on. Overall a very nice job - there weren't any glitches in the game.

Review by Huck Finn
12 Mar 2012
yeah a little too awkward and confusing for me...

Review by ahsat
07 Aug 2011
I cannot remember where the guillotine is, I am lost bc I stopped making my map...pointer please?

Review by Athonas
10 Jan 2011
forgot to vote

Review by julie graham
04 Jul 2010
Oh I have just found out how to do that. And have finished the task. Excellent adventure. Had a bit of trouble using objects as spelling not always correct ie specimin instead of specimen but once i realised that it was fine.

Review by DAN PERDUE
27 Jun 2010
Ok CJ another great game I lowered the chandelier and lit the candles now I cant raise it. I tried raise lift wind!! Whats the correct term?

Review by max
19 Mar 2010
Not as long as some of your other games, but enjoyable still. Perhaps I just prefer your comedy games.

Review by Brian
07 Dec 2009
Ha ha ha, that was a nail-biter at the end. I really enjoyed this game. I couldn't give it a 5, because it was a little squirrelly. It was duplicating inventory items & the end was very anti-climactic. Not sure if it was supposed to end this way, but mine just ended...

"> throw spear
With the demon caught and being sapped of its power, you remember the last instruction. Pierce the heart with stone.

You throw the spear aiming straight for the demons chest.

That was it. No congratulations. No follow-up. Maybe a glitch, who knows. Very enjoyable though! Kudos.

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