Warrior Cats ThunderClan! by FernStone

Enter the World of warrior cats where you start off as a kit in ThunderClan. You will meet FireStar as Rusty and grow up with him! Help him defeat cats such as TigerClaw with the help of your littermates. Also some of the links don't work for DawnKit so I suggest that you press run for help so that you can get the full story. Part 2 is a work in progress but here it is! http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/rggpt0fyqeinibjhrger0w/warrior-cats-thunderclan-part-2
Review by goodbunny2
29 May 2021
Could be better, especially since its so unrealistic with the books. Also, grammar is terrible.

Story makes no sense.

Also, don't fricking put "RavenPaw" when you can put it as "Ravenpaw"

Check out mine if you're interested though:


19 May 2021
3.5 stars. i would give it a full 4 if it wasn't so unrealistic. i can tell you have just stared reading warriors, because already the writing is a bit bad and sloppy(things happen too fast, bad grammar, plot is also messily put together, etc) but if you work harder and study how to mke better characters and practice writing i'm sure you could make a really awesome and enjoyable game! (tw: sorry if this sounded mean, i'm trying to be as nice as possible and still point out mistakes)

Review by waterfall wild
16 Feb 2021
cool, i saw your coments sorry im adding more now

Review by PietroXI
20 Jan 2021
Nice work. Read fairly smoothly and was mostly free of errors. I appreciated the options provided.

Review by Warriorcat_●▪
07 Jan 2021
I love this, but I recommend doing quest for links that always work. And or, use the gamebook version. If that isn't your type, go for squiffy, I don't judge!

Review by Phoenix555
05 Jan 2021
I loved all of the choices you put in it so keep up the good work!

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Warrior Cats ThunderClan!

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