Quest of the tiny (V0.2) by Leah_size

(Note: This game is 18+ NSFW featuring lewd content involving shrinking, Giantess, and vore)

This is a size based text adventure/rpg that I've been working on as a personal project for a while now.

You play as a boy/girl who's been given a quest by a mysterious angelic figure to defeat a great evil... while only a few inches tall!

Unable to even do things as simple as opening doors or climbing stairs, you'll have to get the attention of girls many times your size... but doing so won't be easy.
Review by honey paws
30 May 2019
very good. it is a very good developed story so far but needs to be tweaked at the Jennifer bed scene

Review by Jrugh99
05 Apr 2019
Okay, so here's the one thing that's wrong with it. It is literally impossible to complete. Like LITERALLY! I'm serious, there is absolutely no way to complete the first level. If you want me to give a better rating, then I highly suggest making the game a little less difficult to complete. Thank you.


Review by yayeet
06 Jan 2019

Review by Chaos_Jeff
05 Dec 2018
Fantastic story, the best I’ve seen on this site, I hope the future holds much for this game

Review by FantasyLand
03 Nov 2018
It's very good, but I can't even get past Jennifer. :/

Review by rtbmcintosh
19 Oct 2018
It’s the best giantess game I’ve seen

Review by Satan666
01 Oct 2018
I'm giving it just under a perfect score, even though you earned a perfect score. Here's why: Because I'm an asshole.

But for real, this game is great. By far the highest quality textadventure I've ever seen, but to be fair, I'm no connoisseur as I only have played vore themed textadventures. But as far as vore themed ones go, this is near the top of the list, at least as far as it's polished looks go.

The game-play is why the game doesn't get a perfect score from me. It suffers from the same problems as an almost identical RPG maker game, shrinking fun. I guess great minds think alike, y'know?

The problem is, even though both games are a almost solid A, it's the gameplay that irks me a bit in both. It just kinda feels too hard for the genre. The RNG is pure agony, and the actual gameplay is pretty lackluster, but that's probably because I'm just not a fan of turn-based RPGs. I mean, I'm not saying I don't like a challenge in games, but ehhh... when I want a vore game I just kind of prefer an interactive story, rather than an RPG. I just kind of exhausted all of the vore textadventures it seems, because I can't find any more.

TL;DR I suck at this game, the RNG is annoying, REEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Anyway, just my thoughts.

Review by undeadandy
13 Sep 2018
i give a 5/5 since this was the best well designed giantess game that Ive seen so far,keep up the good work cant wait for that new update and see what you have waiting for us.

Review by J.orilla1
13 Jul 2018
Spectacular buddy! Really amazing work here. This has major potential to become one of the best giantess games around. I would, personally, enjoy some more foot related content. Preferably that doesn't end in a horrible death, but you know, whatever floats your boat yeah? lol. This really does have a hell of a lot of potential, friend. Keep up the good work, and no matter what I will eagerly be awaiting future updates!

Review by taylors0313
12 Jul 2018
Good game; great potential to go very far

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