Good Night by XanMag

You are an insomniac who doesn't want to sleep. Sleep brings nightmares too real and too vivid. Images of tragedy in your past. What happens when you can no longer stay awake?

A short game with horror elements. Is not suitable for children due to violent themes.

WARNING: Save game has been disabled. It's short enough, you do not need to save it anyway!

Play with volume and with headphones. And in the dark if you dare.

There are NO links to click here. All you need to do is:
1. Examine - 'x [object]' - many objects, especially those underlined and in bold.
2. Think about many objects - 't [object]' - as well, as new information may be revealed by doing so.

NOTICE: As the player, you determine your depth of understanding of the story. Thinking and examining things is all you need to do to move the story forward. This is not your traditional 'hunt & find' text adventure with a bunch of puzzles that need solving. It is more like a CYOA than my other games but hopefully you will enjoy it nonetheless.

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Review by jmnevil54
20 Oct 2018
I played it. It was a good game. Not my taste, but I'm sure it's to someone's taste.
Well done design and story. Game and font looks good. It's a bit confusing at times, but I got through most of the game.

Review by Scartell
20 Jul 2018
Wow, this was really well done, bravo! I got chills during the game. While not much of a CYOA this was still fantastic. The font and colors mixed perfectly as to give off a creepy vibe but was still easy to read and the sound effects were superb. Not to mention the dark theme was, well dark like a proper horror story. :). I look forward to seeing more of your games.

Review by Hormus
20 Jul 2018
I see no point in playing this game.....

Review by Shaiydon
13 Mar 2018
I loved the extra touch of audio

03 Dec 2017
A well put-together story, a good example of a simple idea developed really well...

Review by Sinca12
03 Dec 2017
Another great game from XanMag. You never cease to impress me! Very creepy game with disturbing tension. can't wait for more from you, Xan! (Esp Xan3)

Review by Rendora
23 Nov 2017
This game was highly enjoyable. Lots of great tension. I could almost feel the heavy covers myself!

Review by Deathbymeth
08 Nov 2017
Nice game, GREAT GRAMMAR, and a FANTASTIC STORY. Very creepy with the added voices, I honestly wouldn't want to play this game alone in the dark! Controls are easy (especially when I can use them!), the font has been improved! Kudos to the "stranger" that created this game! 5 STAR WORTHY! =)

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