Uncle's Mansion by N!ck!!

I quite short but difficult game where you find a time machine in your uncle's basement and you go to places in it.

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Review by Gabriel
23 Aug 2005
Steve, check games before putting them in.

Review by Auron Dimitri
13 Jun 2004
This game is quite sloppy with a lack of a serious design. It seems like an interesting train of thought went off the tracks and crashed-again, this game showed some promise at first but quickly proved otherwise.

First of all, there are extreme amounts of places to go that are simply unecessary. Having rooms there for decoration can be all right but if they are too excessive, they are just annoying and distracting. Also, almost none of the items had description, which made the game plain and even more confusing. With all the excess rooms that are not needed in the gameplay (that are clunkered full of objects) they do not even provide descriptions to help the atmosphere. They are just...there which is just a burden for the player.

This also lacks a plot and careful path of design. A second version could possibly make this game a much more entertaining experience. For a second version, there will hopefully be less objects, the game will be easier to maneuver and not just appear as a gigantic maze, and more of a plot will be thatched in.

With the lack of thought put into this, the maximum it is worth is a

1 OUT OF 5

Review by diago666
29 Dec 2003
sorry, that really wasnt very good at all
no description
overload of items
no plot
good effort though
and awful spelling what the hell are starirs?
anyway nice try

Review by David Whyld
10 Nov 2003
Another appalling waste of space. Descriptions were practically non-existent (even when you're standing in front of something you're told it isn't there) and the game just was unable to hold my interest for more than a few minutes.

I imagine even the game's writer would struggle to find positive things to say about this.

Review by Ste Edwards
30 Aug 2003
when moving into different rooms, i noticed that you will enter west, and have to go back to the same room but in a different direction. =S

Review by Alex Warren
09 Aug 2003
To improve this game you should:

- check your spelling. In the very first room it says "You can go out to spiral starirs".

- as with your other game, "Locked Up", provide descriptions for objects. Most of the objects in this game are nothing but names. They don't do anything whatsoever and add nothing to the gameplay.

- your description in your mis-spelled "spiral starirs" rooms is "Do you want to go up the stairs?". This implies the player can type "yes" or "no" - but they can't. Put yourself in the player's shoes, and think about what they are expecting to happen at each point in your game.

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