Shrunk at McDonald's by boons123

You shrink while on your shift at McDonald's.

As requested, I added an employee bathroom with a few deaths, accessible from the break room. I also added a new customer, you can climb her from the restaurant floor or access her from her coffee on the new serving counter. There's room for more deaths in both these areas if you'd like to see them.

As always, you can direct message on the website or Discord (boons123#3983) or comment with suggestions on what you would like implemented into the game, I drew from a few I received for this update.

Game requested and inspired by proveyed.

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Review by jakcipher
23 Dec 2021
More anal vore and humiliating ass deaths! Lovely writing, excellent detail, you get an A+

Review by bugslave
20 Nov 2021
let one of the giantesses, especially nicole enslave me

Review by proveyed
14 Nov 2021
that’s that shit i do like

Review by Txtadventurer
08 Nov 2021
More of the manager would be great, particularly vore. I'd love if she saw the main character and thought he was a bug and did cruel things to him. I know you mostly do unaware but aware scenes with her would be increadible. Eagerly awaiting for more.

Review by jiyoh25626
06 Nov 2021
You're the best at making these, easilly. This one has some of the best moments of your stories so far, can't wait for more. If I could suggest something for the next game you make, I'd have to say being able to interact with some of the characters you'll be shrunk next to before you are shrunken would be amazing. I like how in this story the main character is acquainted with most girls you come across, adding something about them before you get shrunk would only make it better. Either that or allow us to shrink and unshrink at will, like shrunk at highschool, so that we can interact with them, I think if you did that for your next one it would end up being the best game on this site. I appreciate that you make new stories often, unlike most who make massive games they aren't going to finish and promptly abandoning them. It also allows us to see so many settings and situations that don't come up in most text adventures.Can't wait to see more from you. 10/10

Review by heisenberged
06 Nov 2021
fuck that manager death is hot

you should add a way to climb in her thong before she pulls it up after her shit

Review by kaako
31 Oct 2021
this is incredible already and i can't wait for the next update :)

Review by lobito2
29 Oct 2021
too good the truth
star box, Mac donell who follows Maid cafe xd

Review by ffjames86
24 Oct 2021
u have a talent for ass deaths,

maybe we can see some with customers?

Review by tonybones
24 Oct 2021
It's good, I look forward to any updates. Though judging by the previous games made by this writer it probably won't be developed much further as they move onto a new project.

More interactions with customers would be nice, maybe getting dropped in a milkshake or brought home in a takeout bag.

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