The path of Snowstorm/Snowsong by Misterfox

This is about a cat called Snowstorm or Snowsong who lives in Moonclan he/she has a very complex life, and you get to choose it. He/she could be a med cat,leader, deputy or just a usual warrior. You could have kits as a med cat you can even become a loner. Whatever you do please try not to kill him/her, though you will go to starclan. You have to live in Starclan until the end. By the way you can die it really just depends on what you choose to do. What you can do at the moment: become an apprentice, become a medicine cat apprentice, become a warrior, become a mentor, become a rouge, go to starclan, become a new apprentice. If random cats appear it’s because they’re from other camps.

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Review by Eclipsemoon
05 Jul 2021
It is a really great game and it’s finished! I really love Warrior Cats and usually all the games about Warriors are unfinished. To make it even better I would suggest to add more options, but overall it’s amazing!

Review by goodbunny2
04 Apr 2021

I've almost never come across a finished, interesting story.

The only thing I suggest is adding more options.

Review by warri0rcats
09 Apr 2020
I loved this fun story and enjoyed the different paths.

Review by PietroXI
23 Mar 2020
An enjoyable play, I particularly liked the abundance of choices you offered as to what our feline protagonist can become within the clan.

Review by Detective
10 Mar 2020
It's okay but it needs to be more interactive, I would like to have more options to name the kits and try to fight off enemies and such.

Review by scarly woods
24 Feb 2020
I thought it was amazing but I think that you could have added more, mate wise, kits, maybe more decisions on leaders. I wish it has more detail but I loved it a lot.

Review by Mercedez
31 Oct 2019
very boring 😒

Review by Billie
31 Oct 2019
very boring😒

Review by Siena
31 Oct 2019
Its quite good I have never read the warrior cat books but this is quite cool a little too long though but good story

PS can you please review one of my games😉

31 Oct 2019
Good game!
I was actually working on a warrior cat game when I saw this and played it. It was actually very similar to mine! (I was going to do a cat with Snow in it's name, but changed it to Ash) it's okay, but maybe make it have more action, to hook the player. Overall, good job!

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