Warrior cats game: Moonray clan part 1/3 { on hold, editing, sharing, and love always welcome though} by scarly woods

hey guys I have taken a little break and I just wanted to say I am been having a huge writers block. I love your comments and I plan to finish this as promised. Just taking longer than planned especially with COVID-19. (April 22 2020)
(to be continued) You start as a kit in Moonray clan. There are four clans around you. Moonray clan is your clan, Goldenmoon clan, Moonshine, and last but not least Bloodmoon clan. Just enjoy <3 please leave comments and reviews to know you tried it and tell me what you think, also I have much to add so it won't be finished for a few months or something due to all the endings and paths I want to add thanks! This game, however, will be finished soon, because it is getting long and this is now officially part one. I realized it was getting longe when It took a while to upload. If I add a lot more than it might crash. Besides now I can finally saw part 1 is finished! I will continue it and the next part will be about becoming a warrior and after that. Part three will be the ending at what you want to do, become a mentor then deputy, leader, starclan, loner, kittypet, and others I might add there. I'm going to finish soon thanks, my lovely readers! Every comment and review is helpful thanks! <3

I have edited pages 1-5 out of 22. I encourage you to correct me and help me edit my story. Just remember it's supposed to be present time and second-person form ( you, your,etc.). If I still made mistakes in pages 1-5 feel free to comment on that, or any recommendations to my story. I'm always looking to improve! I update frequency to check in at least once a week if you want to see this finished! <3

For those who said it's pretty long, your right. Which is why later on in the story I have optional reads on the left. read> ( that is what you need to read to understand the storyline) and optional> ( that's optional, you don't need to read it.)
I'll try to add this in the later chapters. Thanks for all the reviews and comments! I'll review your game as well if you ask. :)

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02 Feb 2024
although there are some grammar mistakes, I really liked it! Most warriors text adventures I've seen are short and unfinished, you've put a lot of story and content in, which is good. Pretty detailed too

Review by txeTsdrawkcaB
20 Jan 2024
It was a little childishly written, and I never finished. I suggest making the choices a darker color too, as it was difficult to see them.

25 Jul 2022
Fantastic game

Review by Eclipsemoon
05 Jul 2021
This is actually pretty good! I think when it’s finished it’s going to be great. But there are so much mistakes so it makes it harder to read. You should re-read it to correct all the mistakes and should add paragraphs like at every four sentences. But overall it’s quite good! The only thing is the mistakes, and how the errors makes it not make sense.

20 Apr 2021
This is pawsome! I can't wait for more! I'll be checking by regularly, even just to play the game. There are some spelling errors, and you could space out the paragraphs a little more, but other then that it's awesome. This game should get so much more attention then it does and it deserves better ratings then 1 star. I can't wait for more! But take your time as well. Your health is important too! :3 <3

Review by goodbunny2
04 Apr 2021
It's awful. I'm sorry, but I've seen better. Your story is just one lump of uninviting text. And the grammar is terrible.

Space out your lines, or paragraphs at the least. Really, put in some effort. I can name two grammar mistakes in EVERY sentence and may I add the story makes no sense.

It's boring and overall a terrible game. Would not recommend.


Review by Thecatofallcats
29 May 2020
Lots of grammar errors, but long.

Review by warri0rcats
08 Apr 2020
I LOVED IT AND CAN"T WAIT UNTIL YOU FINISH, editing and the story line!!!!!!

Review by lil.ollie
04 Apr 2020
I thought it was amazing! there are a couple grammar mistakes, but other than that, its really good so far. I love your clan names, btw. I also really like your story line, but its a little confusing because a lot happens. otherwise its really great and i really hope you finish it, i would like to see the ending. :)

suggestion: press enter after a few lines when your making a long paragraph so it doesn't seem so long.

Review by Swiftthunder
22 Mar 2020
I though it was amazing! Just a few things tho. I don’t mind reading long long paragraphs but maybe you should still make some of them a little shorter. Also, I noticed some grammar errors that made it wierd to read. And maybe add a few more choices.
Other than that I love it! The plot, the characters, and I love the way you used the adjectives! I’m so sorry this is so long BTW

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