The kidnapping by The_Great_Unknown

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In the bustling city of San Francisco. Young Theo a bright seven-year-old was taken from the safety of his home and the comfort of his family. Can you save Theo from the horrors that await him or suffer the feeling of guilt knowing you could've stopped it.


Thank you for the film crew of Rush Hour for inspiring me to make this game and thanks to GabrielTheGreat, my friends and my sister for editing my writing.

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Review by Girthy Pickle
13 Mar 2024
The kidnapping has a promising start and presents an intriguing story idea. The narrative is rich in detail, particularly in sentence structure and punctuation. However, there are areas for improvement, such as avoiding repetition of words and ensuring clarity from the beginning. While exploring both options, the storyline lacked coherence initially, making it challenging to follow. For future iterations, it's advisable to minimize repetition and enhance clarity by providing additional context within the options and paragraphs. Overall, it's an engaging game with room for improvement.


12 Mar 2024
Really fun, very much recommended. Love the whole idea!

Review by Harperswannny
12 Mar 2024
I love the line about the twig

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