Reviews by DarkLizerd

Review for Seedship
08 Sep 2019
Good replay value due to the random nature...

08 Sep 2019
If you are just starting, maybe 3 stars...
As it is, there is nothing here.

It's a start... Don't let the rating discourage you...
With practice, you can get better.

Interesting start...
Nice interface...
Don't see the need for the 18+ yet.

22 Nov 2017
Cute little story...
Worth replaying to find the rest...

Review for Vault 3 [UPDATE]
15 Jul 2017
(even a bit spooky...)
Typos, but you know that...
When I turn on the radio, can you leave the music playing after "leaving the radio"?
Then, later have the option to change music or turn off the radio.

Attack guards:
option 1, option 2... no text.

At the start of the game:
It is Friday, October 22, 2077, 3:45 PM...
I like the "future" back story beginning... Nice touch.
Nice work with the background music and sound effects!

Review for Light and Darkness
13 Jul 2017
A very good story...
Well written.

Review for A stroll
08 Jul 2017
Game play: 2 out of 5 but it is short and east to restart...
Entertaining: 9 out of 5: Lively music, entertaining pictures, funny out comes!!!
Good for quite a few good laughs!!!

Review for Kitten Adventures
02 Feb 2017
Interesting point of view...
Yea, dead ends, but you did say it was not finished....
Do you have a link to what you have working, I would love to finish this....

3 for now, 5 for a finished version...