Reviews by MTaylor

Nice vibe to it, we have used the same pictures in our text adventures that made me chuckle, this is a great piece all you can do is continue to develop on it.

Nice font

01 May 2017
Short but with some work this could become something. I like it, it has a nice vibe to it and has a lot of potential in it, keep developing on it.

16 Mar 2017
Very cool, got to give five stars here

Review for OTHERWISE
28 Aug 2016
This is different to say the least.

Review for The Lunastone
02 May 2016
Enjoy the background music and the font is very nice as is the display. The cover art is visually appealing and I enjoyed the game very much.

Review for Minecraft
02 May 2016
This looks good and is just like Minecraft but with more words and less controls.