Reviews by Foxglove

30 Jun 2022
I'm sorry for the poor reviews you have. I'm going to give this five stars, just to improve your ratings. It must be hard for your story to be added to the sandpit, like, first thing. Your spelling isn't terrible, as the reviewers hint at. I think it's perfectly fine for a beginner. I hope you haven't given up hope yet- I believe in you.

I really enjoyed your little story! It's very similar to a story that I'm working on. Some of our names are even the same. I also have a cat that I want to be inserted into your game. Her name is Willow, and she is a loner who has yellow eyes and grey-and-white splotched fur. She is patient and kind. Thank you!
---Respectfully, Foxglove

29 Jun 2022
I haven't played the whole game as it is frustrating to do so. I have just started and there are lots of choices that end abruptly, without any other choices. I suggest you proofread your story before publishing. Except for those and the confusion with the symbols you used, your game looks good!
---Respectfully, Foxglove