Reviews by Tai

Review for ESCAPE!
28 Sep 2007
this is just junk, pure, broken JUNK!

just kiddin man... next time just try harder- please.

Review for The Mansion II
05 Sep 2007
Wow, I only played a little bit, but I already know what to give this game.
You definitley put tons of work into this, so i give you a 5/5.

Review for LockedUP!!
29 Jul 2007
This was kind of a weird game.

The rooms were all messed up, especially when I went nw or something into a room and to get out I had to go north, which wouldn;t really make sense...
Also the sword thing is weird, but its not THAT big of a deal considering it will take you 5 seconds to "slay" the dragon. So I just grab the oil, gun, and sword, drop sword, and its basically like I slayed the dragon. Though it could of used some work...

29 Jul 2007
I only played a little, but I thought it was ok. I mean- I wouldn't give it a two or a one. But it could of used some more work... Fun though.

Review for House Of Horror
05 Jul 2007
what are you suppose to do?
I can't pick up the keys, or eat the pie, or pick up the tv...

oh well...

05 Jul 2007
ya same here, how do you get out of the garage?

I got stuck on the holding cell. Oh well. Could someone help me? I tried everything...

Anyways its a cool game... even though I've only gotten that far hehe...

4 stars