Day in the Life of a Teacher by Jay Comix Inc

A completely original game where you go through ONE NORMAL DAY as a Teacher. Not a promotion day, not the first day in the job, but a simple... normal... day. Nothing special. Only ONE day, as well. All the way from waking up... to going to sleep. Nothing but teaching, grading papers, and having some kids prank you by parking your car in the school lobby. Enjoy!

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Review by BlazingKritik
04 Jan 2014
The description SHOULD say from waking up to USING THE TOILET.

Review by Curtis1
07 Jan 2013
This was pretty bad. You have game-breaking bugs that result from simply trying to use the toilet. Your descriptions are small and petty. You don't do anything to immerse the player in the game, and the programming doesn't help to do so either. I don't know what I'm trying to do unless you give me a hint to do so, or I'm scouring for help in the comments, and I'm generally an adequate text-adventurer. I can't judge the game on it's conclusiveness, because I couldn't honestly want to get to the end enough.

Review by Simon Birch
24 Oct 2012
Navigation is very awkward. To use something you have to take it? And I am trapped in the garage...

Review by Jeremy6
13 Aug 2012
Just use the things on the right of the screen to move in/out of rooms and use/look at objects and people. its much easier! Stuck finding the keys? Answer: go into the closet and type: Take lights to turn on the lights.

My question is: HOW DA FUQ are ppl supposed to figure that out! I was playin this game for hours trying to look for the damn keys :P

22 Jun 2012
The programming wasint the best but I got to the end and you people have to talk to the teachers to eat the cusine
p.s. are you a real teacher
p.s.s. the news channel lol!

Review by arceus1
09 Feb 2012
Horrible. I got the package with the Deluxe Cuisine TWICE, yet I STILL died of hunger. Program better next time, k?

Review by soul emporer
21 Dec 2011
i passed out from not eating anything

Review by zanessa~
29 Aug 2007
i luv this game!!itz actually a game that u dont hav to beat.

Review by Tai
05 Jul 2007
ya same here, how do you get out of the garage?

Review by Andrew Trewin
05 Jul 2007
First of all i would like to comment on the TV.
"But thats not as important as a wildebeast eating a LEAF!" XD
Then I would like to comment on WHERE ARE THE CAR KEYS???!!!
And the easy way to play this game is to click OPEN. When downloading. Worked for me :)

So yeah, were are the car keys? I get stuck in the garage and i cant get out :(


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Published 02 Jul 2007

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