Reviews by Sklumpkin

16 Jan 2020
Very good! I like your writing style, and the fantasy setting is pretty unique for this sort of game. I also appreciate that you can see which events are based on RNG and that you can see how low the odds are.

Keep up the good work!

21 Dec 2019
Really damn good. Writing is nice and detailed, and there's a good variety of deaths and interactions with everything that's introduced. It's also refreshing to play a furry themed shrinking game, we don't get enough of those.

Keep up the good work!

09 Dec 2019
If this high quality is kept up through updates this might end up being the best Giantess text game on the internet, actually it might already be.

The people complaining about difficulty just sound like they've got a horny lizard brains that are making them mash buttons and not focus on the scenes. The game is at a perfect difficulty in my opinion, and can be gotten through pretty easily so long as you examine all of your options and equip the right items.

Basically, 10/10. Hits all the right marks.