Reviews by DarkKnight66

Another absolutely splendid game! I literally gasped when I saw you were back with another game, and another Batman one at that! This installment was leagues above the first one, I cannot believe how amazing this was, mate. Seriously. Do continue to make more, you deserve loads of recognition for these. They are truly works of hilarious and immersive art. The Bat-venture contained here was filled to the brim with heart, character, and epic lines. This is all coming from a die hard fan of the property.

Perfect job, my good sir. Another round, please? My complements to the chef!

This game is God. MOAR. BATMAN SAYS SO!

Review for The Vigilante
06 Nov 2016
This game fucking sucks. Why does it even exist? Fuck you.

Review for FNaF Adventure
14 Aug 2016
I take it for what it is......a short, but funny, and entertaining as hell little game......that even manages to be just plain epic in one part. 😉

Thank you for making this, and adding a "BAD ASS" ending.....it really made me laugh, and tied my story up quickly yet in a cool fucking troll way.

Bookmarked, epic sir.

Seriously, that ending was unexpected, yet fucking hilarious, and awesome. Thanks again, good author.

29 Jul 2016