Town of Mystery (Demo) by syxxity

Alpha v1.2.5

Decided tone: Funny/Joking
Current tone: Bland

Welcome to a town shrouded in secrets that even you - the newly elected mayor - don't know or understand. Can you uncover the secrets before the vile criminal organization who's just begun to start a ruckus can get to you?

Current Features:
- Investigate crime scenes!
- Choose unimportant character stuff!
- Kill people! (legally)

Future Features:
- Die!
- Be demoted from your status!
- Join the criminal organization!
- Kill people! (illegally)
- That unimportant character stuff? Well, it's important now! Find love!
- Meet your parents!
- And more!!
02 Apr 2019
this is a cool game and cant wait till the non demo comes out thanks for writing a review on mine as well

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