You decide to get a haircut... But do you really?
Sushi Quest is a game where you battle monsters (and innocent people) in order to eat some delicious sushi! However, if you don't eat the sushi in 10 minutes, you will die of hunger! Good luck!
A humorous game written as a homage to some of the author's favorite adventure games while containing a self-deprecating, snarky wit of its own.
You are in a dream. Maybe you're not. How can you tell?Well, of COURSE you can say "I am in a dream." But that doesn't end well. If you are in a dream, how are you aware? If you are aware, how are you in a dream? The only way to find out is to live.
All of your friends are now suspects... THE MAYOR HAS BEEN MURDERED! He is now in the park, lying in a pool of someone else's blood... AND IT IS UP TO YOU TO SOLVE THE GREAT MYSTERY! ...actually it's not really a mystery...

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