It felt like a dream. Just three days ago you were going about your normal business when your life figuratively and literally went around a corner into an old lady carrying hot coffee. Apologetically, she offered to pay for your wet clothes to be cleaned but the dry cleaners was closed due to the owner, Mr. Popadopalous going on vacation. Instead, you let the gray haired woman buy you a can of cola. And that can... that wonderful, winning can had delivered you here to Lima, Peru. Now you are about to go on the journey of a lifetime as you take part in the event known the world over as... T...
The game is about a young man who is trying to cope with depression, sexual frustration and friendship.
A brief interactive fiction about a flawed game, past and regrets. Not so much gameplay, more of a textual/emotional experience. This IF has been made during The Arbitrary Game Jam in May 2014.
A personal look at identity labels and assumptions, from a genderqueer perspective.
Your name is Bastian. You're a freelance graphic design artist and a connoisseur of comic books. You own a quaint house in the suburbs with your girlfriend of five years, Emilia. And today is the day that you've finally decided to propose.
Tonight's the night you are going to kill yourself. You walk into the bathroom, realizing that this is the last room you're ever going to be in alive. The thought is both terrifying and liberating. This is a one-room game where you play a character ready to kill herself. The challenge is in deciding on a method that actually works. There are 29 different endings to the game, some involving unsuccessful deaths, some involving successful deaths, as well as some involving alternatives to death. The game involves elements of dark humor, and is not difficult. Drug use is possible, and adul...

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