A story about hatred and the miserable things we do to the people we love.
A game about not falling in love. Multiple endings.
Try and escape! Would recommend multiple playthroughs! Also, if you can comment on what you think the plot is, please do! General comments are also accepted.
A surrealist, horror, choose your own adventure.
WEIRDNESS. Surreal meta kinda alternate reality game about another game which is Tolkien meets Cyberpunk meets Feudal Japan. Play - it all makes sense! NOTE: This is part 1/demo (about 6500 words). The final game will be 20000-30000.
PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE STORY...BUT MERELY A PROLOGUE TO... SOMETHING... Really, this is more of an experiment to find out if I'm any good... so please feel free to critique it! If you like it then just say so and I will use that as motivation to continue the story! Enjoy! P.S. Please excuse the minor grammar fails DX
Slaying The Beast
This is a story of the development of our mentally deranged character, Henry and his test subjects. Can't go giving away too much :) Please Note: This isn't done as of yet... Probably get around to that later.
You get to go on an adventure to find the meaning of life! This choose your own adventure features the fabulous minds of Bertrand Russell, C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, but mostly myself.
Go to summer camp, they said. It'll be fun, they said.

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