It's the near-future. You are a bike messenger in a city that's half flooded but still mananging to stay afloat despite economic collapse. It's your first week at Packet, the best courier company in the city. You think maybe if you play your cards right you'll get to meet the legend that is Sorcha Blades. And then fate deals you the very hand you've been hoping for. Are you game enough?
Welcome to existence. This is a game about player choice. Have fun learning about it! It currently has five endings, choose your path wisely.
This is a short game based on the character Shiversword the Bard from Sir Loin 2. It is much the same format. You play Shiversword trying to fulfil his destiny to become a world famous bard.
A classic RPG gamebook IMPORTANT NOTE- This is an alpha version, changes are constantly being made and various features and changes are yet to happen. The game is being published in order to receive feedback to decide which changes should be made. Any feedback about combat balance would be appreciated as trying to get the balance right has been challenging. I am searching for a team in order to make this text adventure and future projects into functioning games or apps, if you want to be part of this team then please contact me at [email protected] Azengoth, a city once brimming w...
You approach the Gate, quivering with a mixture of fear and excitement. It's the gate you've been looking for your entire life, and now you have a chance. All you have to do is survive to find all twelve Master Keys and the Gate will grant your most precious wish. (This isn't done yet, but I accidentally published it and I can't figure out how to take it off. I've only made it up until when you meet/see the girl, so don't try to play past there. I will finish this, hopefully soon since I work on it every day!)
My first twine game. You wake up after a strange nightmare quickly brushing it off and continuing your village life. You have more important things to do, namely getting ready for the journey to the capital city with your two best friends. Has RPG elements like race choice, skills and attributes being used in choices and influencing consequences. Some of which will span through the next chapters.

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