A short text adventure about emotionally abusive relationships and jazz. All that remains of an abandoned novel. Make of it what you will.
When a Muslim Kung-Fu master in China learns that his father has been killed he must return home to seek justice!
On August 24th, 70 A.D., Mt. Vesuvius erupted unexpectedly and ended up destroying the city of Pompeii, Italy. You are a Roman citizen who is unlucky enough to be in the city on that fateful day. Make wise decisions, and you will live to see another day. Make wrong decisions, and your fate is sealed. There is only ONE way out of the burning Pompeii. Can you find it?
A historical satire of the corporate personhood movement in America, written in Twine. 3.5 meg. May take about 10-30 seconds to download after you click Play. Please report bugs and suggestions to [email protected]!
Help Logan Kitteringham, a Jewish business owner living in Nazi Germany, escape the troubles World War 2 poses and the Holocaust.
A short game based upon Cervantes' Don Quixote. There are multiple endings based on what you decide to do in-game.
Dealing with the Aftermath of the Stock Market Crash 1929.
Beowulf as a text adventure...
This is the first chapter of my action-oriented text adventure, which I call "The Birthday Assignment" for reasons relevant to the plot. It's a steampunk set in a typical western movie - or so I'd like to think. Read it yourself, see how it works for you. This is my first TA game, so I don't expect it to stand up against some of the greater TA's here. But I want some feedback on how I did. Peace out.

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