Cadence by katie_P

Welcome to "Cadance" the Agile Scrum simulator. In software design, most agile implementations fail and most project managers turned scrum masters stay pretty much project managers. This game tackles those issues by taking care of the outlines of scrum for you but only allowing you to succeed if you adopt a service oriented, agile mindset.

See updates for current progress of development.

It is built in Twine with Sugar Cube 2.



Update 4/30/2018 Still early design. Additional text added. Game now has the ability to count down story points and determine that the project is complete.

Update 5/03/2018. Added ability to request team training or modifications to team size. Not able to track cadence yet but some background wiring done.

Update 05/08/2018 Cadence now calculating correctly. Background wiring done for story point accuracy but not showing on results screen. Slight modifications to UI just so it's not quite so awful to look at.

Update 05/19/2018 Game now keeping track of accuracy for the last 3 sprints. Also, first random generator built and background wiring to start having impact from random events started along with some minor tweaks to UI.
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