Unnamed RPG v.02 (read description) by Captain

v.02 EDIT: Been a while since I worked on this game but I feel I've made some nice progress that warranted an update. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment telling me I suck or something. Have fun! Also make sure you read below because it's necessary for playing the game.

This game is unfinished. Don't forget to please leave a comment if you see a mistake, be it spelling, coherence, or with something not working, or if you think I need to add something.

General gameplay vernacular:

"use X on Y" is the general formula for item interaction. I have a couple shortcuts, but don't rely on them too heavily. More will come.

To talk to an NPC, I use talking points. The general formula is "ask X about Y." Every NPC will talk about 'identity', 'suggestions', 'problems', and 'quests.' They won't respond to anything else yet, unless the game tells you they will (for instance, guards can be asked about 'directions' and they will give you your bearings).

As a rule, don't forget to try everything, but that's basically all you need to know to play my game. Have fun!

Author's Note:

I've made significant progress since my last update. Feel free to check it out because I feel really good about my progress so far. This game is unfinished! The Town has been fleshed out with characters, quests, etc. but is still unfinished, the Duke's castle part of the story is complete but it stops around that part. Still a lot of content before you hit that point I hope.

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