Escaping by sarfarialist

Intentions of the game design
Yunong Li

Last month, there was a fire in the suburbs of Beijing, taking the life of almost 20 people. The fire happened in the area where migrant workers lived, poor and crowded. After this incident, the Beijing government started an operation to “take down fire hazards”, and by that they meant evacuating all the migrant tenants living in neighborhoods like the one with the fire. Countless people were forced to move out of their crowded shared-apartments and found themselves no one to turn to in this cold winter.

When I heard about the news, I was angry and devastating. I picked this as the content for my mini digital game demo because I believe telling the story in an interactive way will better describe the desperation of those people that were impacted by this event, and I hope if I have chance to finish it and release it online, more people will know about this story through my game and help those in need if they can.
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