WAKE: Evolution Through Extinction by Tim Sibiski


You are the remnant of a once-vast civilization that nearly broke the barriers of endless space and limitless energy.

But what took fifty thousand years to create, was brought to its knees in a matter of months.

Now, nothing more than the derelict machinery and twisted husks of cities remain standing.

You wake up from a long hyper-sleep to find that you're the last human alive. You have limited memories of who you are, and what transpired.

Despite being the last of your species, you are not alone. An alien expedition team has awoken you. They can help you find answers in the ruins and relics of the past. Maybe there's a way to change what has happened; and lay to rest the ghosts of the past.

WAKE is a sci-fi puzzle and hidden object adventure with a focus on story and puzzle solving to progress.

**This is currently a demo. Please, tell me anything and everything that you think about this game. Does it suck? Is it awesome? Why does it suck? Why is it awesome? I can't stress enough how important your feedback is. Thank you.**

*This game is not working entirely in online-mode. There are several issues with timed-scripts that misfire or do not execute. I have added scripting at the title screen to allow you to choose if you want to play the intro or not. If you are playing in online mode, I recommend choosing "Skip Intro". Although, if you have a good connection to the website's server, you may not encounter any issues.

This problem is due to a known issue involving timed scripts; the issue is native to the online server for Quest games. The timed scripts are server-based, rather than host-based.This means that if there is any lag between your computer and the server, a timed script may not execute properly.

There are only a few things in WAKE that utilize timed scripts. These may not work properly in online mode (If any of these fail to work, the game will no longer be interactive):
-Magic 8 Ball
-Moving through the iron door at the end of Part 2

Alex may be working on a fix for this in an upcoming version of Quest.

In the meantime, please play the game via download in your Quest (5.4 only) application for the full experience!!!

Demo v 2.3 (March 20th 2013)
-Ability to skip timed script sequences (useful for online players).
-Even online users with latency issues will be able to play the full demo, with the exception of the magic 8 ball.

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If you log in before playing, you'll be able to save your progress - which means you can come back later and pick up where you left off.

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Review by Sturchy101
02 Jan 2014
Very well and appealing game not advised to those of a low English Literature Degree, but has some very strong and persuasive language to draw the player into playing and downloading the game for reasons that it is interesting and allot can be learned from games like this to build other games as impressive as this one.

Review by Alien Invasion
06 Jul 2013
An immersive, very well-written adventure.

Review by Magic Orange
04 Jul 2013
Played it online but I still really enjoyed it. The story is very interesting and it really made me want to continue playing. It is a just a demo currently, but it is also fantastic.

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Written by
Tim Sibiski

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Written for Quest 5.4
Published 26 Feb 2013
Updated 01 Aug 2013

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