Galactic Conquest by Sir Grammar Nazi

My second game. Oh boy.

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Review by textwario
23 Nov 2014
It's small but I enjoy the game, it would be cool if you expanded it.

Review by Marzipan
23 Nov 2014
Short but fun with pretty good writing. (Especially loved the intro...'They're humans, what did you expect?' got a lol out of me.) Dinged you one star because as I said, it was pretty short, and I felt like I got randomly killed a lot during combat. Just a suggestion, I would have preferred more options like 'take cover or fire' or 'take an aimed shot or just start blasting' instead of just 'fire, maybe you'll get killed maybe you won't?'

Review by Dingo_12
13 Nov 2014
really good lol, btw plz check out my game "3 months later"

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Written by
Sir Grammar Nazi

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 12 Nov 2014
Updated 13 Nov 2014