Permanant Room by Wyatt

A difficult puzzle / brain stumping game

You are stuck in a room you dont recognize
You are attempting to escape...

This is my first game, please enjoy.

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Review by LinaLyssic
06 Mar 2011
Okay. First: This game makes no sense. There's no story behind it. There were mistakes in your spelling, for example: I had no idea what a chisle was, because I'm Dutch so I tried looking it up. Then I found out it was spelled chisel. It was weird to have to pull back the carpet and the wallpaper. It would've been much more clear if you made objects out of them. Also, a lift command would have been better with the carpet. The whole drawing inside of the watch thing to open the safe was also ridiculous. It just doesn't make sense. If there was some kind of code inside the watch it would have been much more logical. Also, the two doors could be opened, but if I tried to go through them I ended up in the same damn room, which was annoying. Adding two extra rooms which were locked might have been a better idea. I know I'm telling a lot of negative things about this game, but it entertained me anyways. I think it was a nice try and don't give up on making games!

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Written for Quest 4.0
Published 12 Aug 2008

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