Black Out by Eric Strong

You are alone in your house. All of the lights have gone out. You must find a way to turn the lights back on. This is a small game and didn't take very long to make.

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12 Jun 2003
Short, basic plot but fun nontheless. Should be tried out; those who say it "sucks" probably seek something longer with more of a storyline which is true, but a simple game can still be fun.

Review by B.J. Best
12 Dec 2002
The theory behind this game is okay but the execution is a little flawed. The main issue I have is that once you find a flashlight in your dark home, the game tells you to use it on other things. However, there are also a few places where you simply need to USE FLASHLIGHT in order to proceed.

Beyond that, there isn't much to this game, and the puzzles are very easy. The descriptions of most objects and rooms are serviceable (I mean, what do you want, it's dark), but certainly could be rendered more fully. You can not use the flashlight on several objects in the game, which got to be annoying.

I give this game two stars (poor) as the map is a decent but small representation of a house, and the plot, while simple, is logical and makes sense. But there's really not much to this one.

25 Nov 2002
Yet another uninspired puzzle game. Nuff said!
Some very simple use-the-object puzzles are thrown into a game full of shallow (if non existing) descriptions. The result: Much bellow average. Mate, next game needs much more work to be done!


Review by Jim Jones2
09 Nov 2002
This game sucks

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Added 04 Nov 2002