Cat Petting Simulator 2014 by neongrey

The most realistic and verismilitudinous text-based simulation of petting a cat ever written.
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Review by Savio
11 Jul 2020
Extremely boring

Review by kdjack
15 Apr 2020
Still relevant today. God I wish I had a cat during this time.

Review by Shadeyboi
22 Mar 2020
I am at a loss for words. This simulator is a lot more realistic and soothing than I could possibly imagine. This simulator is truly amazing.

Review by -Pyjamallama-
19 Feb 2020
I like this. very yes. Y E S.

Review by Nix7125
22 Dec 2019
Beautiful Cat game!!!

Review by Swiftthunder
21 Dec 2019
I have a cat at home. And I honestly expected this to be terrible. I mean how can a game come close to what it is to really pet a cat? I was so very wrong. This is a really great game. Close as words can get. You very obviously worked really hard on this too.
/\__/\ Nothing
| o.o | better than
| U U |-* a cat.

04 Sep 2019
Hahaha. I can imagine petting a cat with this game!!!

Review by despa99
07 May 2019
good kitty :)

Review by Slayer78
19 Apr 2018
I pet the cat for about 10 seconds, then got bored. I mean, that is it? It is pretty realistic, but no story. or suspense. Just cats.

Review by Stripes
23 Nov 2017
This is a game. About petting a cat. With a premise like that, who would give it five stars?

Well, as boring a premise as it seems, Cat Petting Simulator surprised me. Very much. It apparently wasn't just made because "lol, cats!!" No, it was made to make the player feel relaxed and cared for. While, yes, your cat's affection for you is scored and you can score badly, you feel the love nonetheless. There really is nothing quite like feline affection.

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