Cat Petting Simulator 2014 by neongrey

The most realistic and verismilitudinous text-based simulation of petting a cat ever written.
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Review by Dynoslug
11 May 2021
pussy cat

Review by jrodger
13 Apr 2021
very realistic. five stars. also because i like cats (:

09 Nov 2020
i love cats

Review by Savio
11 Jul 2020
Extremely boring

Review by kdjack
15 Apr 2020
Still relevant today. God I wish I had a cat during this time.

Review by Shadeyboi
22 Mar 2020
I am at a loss for words. This simulator is a lot more realistic and soothing than I could possibly imagine. This simulator is truly amazing.

Review by -Pyjamallama-
19 Feb 2020
I like this. very yes. Y E S.

Review by Nix7125
22 Dec 2019
Beautiful Cat game!!!

Review by Swiftthunder
21 Dec 2019
I have a cat at home. And I honestly expected this to be terrible. I mean how can a game come close to what it is to really pet a cat? I was so very wrong. This is a really great game. Close as words can get. You very obviously worked really hard on this too.
/\__/\ Nothing
| o.o | better than
| U U |-* a cat.

04 Sep 2019
Hahaha. I can imagine petting a cat with this game!!!

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