A day at the zoo by VoreWriter

This is a vore game. Some parts have digestion, so if you don't like it then don't play this game. It will be updated with more preds and content
Review by Somedude601
11 Jun 2019
The concept is decent enough. But there are several things to criticize.
First of all, the vore scenes themselves are short and have almost no substance.
Second, the variety of animals is small and not all that varied. Almost every encounter is summed up as "You are swallowed by the *thing* and eventually become fat on his belly"

Review by m323
04 Jul 2018
Needs more animals, but other then that, it's good.

Review by Anal vore's MA JAM
20 Mar 2018
could use some work. I also want to see more animals to visit

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