Cat Petting Simulator 2014 by neongrey

The most realistic and verismilitudinous text-based simulation of petting a cat ever written.
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Review by edgymcedgebro
28 Sep 2017

Review by cutecats2005
18 Dec 2016
This is AWESOME. I LOVE cats, so this is really a great game for me. My internet name kinda already suggests that I like cats though...
Anyways. That's besides the point. WONDERFUL game. I have 2 cats at home, and since I pet them a lot, I gotta say, this simulation has to be the closest you can get through words, to the actual thing.

Review by T-RexBoy
22 Sep 2016
What a wonderful game! I love cats! I wish I could give a six-star rating! Or a ten!

Review by happysappygirl101
20 Jul 2016
Adorbs... Hard to be miserable after this <3

Review by JC-R
10 Apr 2016
The cutest game i've ever played <3

Review by CraftyKat
12 Mar 2016
Woot Toot! Great game!

I can just picture my cat Midnight now--rolling and being pet on the stomach.

I didn't get scratched!

It's obvious you put a lot of work into this. Great job! I love it!

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Published 28 Oct 2014
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