Potato Sim 2019 by Me The Worst

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This game is too short to be put into a category. Players expect games not to be all over within a few seconds.
When working generally your shift at a fast food place, you specifically run out of potato's in a really big way. You rush down to a store, almost getting a ticket. Thats how fast your were going. You run down to the in the back of the store and to the produce section to mostly see it.., actually contrary to popular belief. it essentially is fascinating. A potato MOVE, which is quite significant. What Do you do?
Review by Siena
05 Sep 2019
it was an okay game needs to be longer but once thats done then it would be much better

Review by CraftyKat
04 Sep 2019
This is painful to read. Learn to spell. :)

Review by FlaggsHamster123
25 Aug 2019
A little worse than the last one, and still has spelling issues. However the story is in-depth, and a little interesting

24 Aug 2019
Funny, but really short-only about five links you can press in the whole game. Seriously, you need to make it MUCH longer!!!

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Me The Worst

Added 23 Aug 2019
Updated 23 Aug 2019