Sklumpkin's GTS Text Adventure by Sklumpkin

You wake up on the floor of a giant bedroom. How will you find a way to fix yourself?

The game is a little light on content right now. So far it is purely unaware body exploration, but I hope to add some aware content in the next update.

Please tell me if you find any bugs or typos.

Download link:!R9FyXYwb!4wSPGlZ2eZ9GxfyGszDA7UUr3BoQ4iQ_OFs0JT55Pa0
(It's a twine game so you need to run it in a browser)

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Review by ermosas
14 Oct 2020
Amazing game and interractions. Loved it, and I hope you will add more later on! Thanks!

Review by Ultra Blue Moon
01 Feb 2020
Great game, keep up the good work. I'm curious what else will be done.

Review by ThelmaDragon24
30 Nov 2019
This is off to a great start so far, I think I just explored all that I could in this game. I didn't survive being a little pill the first time, but around the second time I managed to increase my health by doing a lot of interactions and managed to survive digestion because of that. I hope you update again soon!

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