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A text adventure about an old man who lives in a cyberpunk sprawl trying to get an old console work.

Author's note:
This game was designed for a student art installation back in late 2013. The game was projected on the underside of a stairwell in one of the common buildings. Users could sit in a chair and play it on a wireless keyboard. It was my first attempt at a text adventure using a parser and it shows. I'm not sure any players other than me ever finished it. The #1 thing I learned from it was that that what I thought were intuitive commands was VERY different from what most players considered intuitive. Playtest early and playtest often.

Aesthetically, I was inspired by having just read Neuromancer for the first time and (since I was still in college) thought it was the coolest deepest thing I've ever read. Story-wise, I was inspired largely by how hard it was to be to get TIE Fighter to run on any modern systems at the time, and my own interest with "retro gaming." It leaned a bit too heavy on nostalgia and was probably a bit up its own ass, but, hey, it was a college project with a new tool and I learned a lot from it.

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Published 08 Apr 2014
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