Fallout (chapter 1) by Ringohan

You’re sitting down on your couch, the low hum of chatter on the TV accompanying your wondering thoughts as you stare out the window, wishing to live in a more interesting time.
suddenly, a blaring alarm sends you jolting upright, and a bright warning interrupts your show. The alarm softens slightly and a voice reads out the warning on the screen. you need to make it to a vault that can offer you shelter and safety all while limiting the amount of radiation your absorbing. can you survive?

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Review by Blue_#10
15 Mar 2024
The game "Fallout" is an action-packed fun filled game with lots of surprises, twists, and turns. It's exciting, suspenseful, and intriguing. In the game, players have to find a vault that will give them shelter and safety before it's too late.

The experience of the game is addicting and nerve-wracking. It has different ways to get to the end, from meeting new people to fighting mythical creatures. The possibilities are endless and it's breathtaking. Every choice you make is filled with surprises around every bend.

The game really keeps players hooked to it and on the edge of their seats. It has a nice calm sense of peace and tranquility. No matter what kind of game that you prefer, this game has it all. I hope that there's a second game like this one.

Review by poo9
14 Mar 2024
I've never read anything so good! I wish it was finished because when I started I couldn't put it down. haha hope my boss doesn't mind the project not being done!!!

Review by SPACE.........
12 Mar 2024
Really great storyline and every option leads to a different story. My path was cut short because its still a work in progress. I really liked the detail and the idea was really creative. i'm super excited to see what comes of this story in the future and i hope they will make a second game.

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