Lost in Ulla by migueldeluis

(My first inform game, mostly a prototype, it could be a mighty mess).

** In case of a mighty mess **

The red box, the Thomas Trans-Dimensional Conveyor (TTC), I told you about last month.

Yep, the one you thought I was making all up in my mind, it must have worked.
Sortish of,

If I'm lucky I shall be in some parallel universe or an alien planet fit for human life. I might be a wee bit scared for I'm not sure I will find a way to come back.
Any help will come in handy.

Will you come? You could tell the cops, but they'll probably think it's all a joke.
'Teenagers these days...' and all that. I suppose you must be very brave if you come for me, so no worries if you don't. I was probably too 'Teenagers these days...' when I pressed that button.

Anyway, in the unlikely case you want to try and rescue me

(You could end INSIDE A VOLCANO)
(Or worse!)
(No kidding)
None yet!
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