Untitled Locations by Missybroccoli

We google everyday for ephemeral information, route directions on virtual maps, indirect experiences from other people. What do we really want to retrieve when we are constantly and compulsively searching for excessive information on internet? Maybe it is the communication of human contacts, fulfilment of the disconnection between our sense and feeling, the realm of certainty and dependence. However, could the virtual world provide us the ultimate solution to our physical needs?

Untitled Locations is an online text game which players can conduct their own narratives by choosing various combination of directions. A poetic expression regarding the senses, perception and memory of unfamiliar locations, an insecure and uncertainty of wayfinding process and compulsive reliance of technology was depicted through out the narrative.

Penny Hsia
MA Graphic Design Communication
Chelsea College of Arts

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 15 Jun 2015
Updated 31 Aug 2015