Cold by hardy

A short adventure in a cold, dark forest. Questions like where and why are irrelevant here. The one you really should be asking yourself is whether you'll make it back inside or not. Before it's too late.

(A short, five minute "puzzle" adventure from a first-timer. It might be a bit different than the ones people have already submitted here, but it's more like a test anyway. Getting to know the system a bit better, so to speak.)

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Review by SnakeSlither
24 Sep 2018
I thought the game was great, some of the commands were a little hard to guess, because of wording, but other than that, I think you did very well, I would love to see a continuation of this game.

Review by xavea
18 Sep 2013
I also got the "Error running script: No verb response defined" message when I tried to close the door behind me after getting into the cottage. To keep out the cold and all. Also, I couldn't figure out how to follow the footprints around the toolshed. I couldn't look at the prints and I couldn't go any direction except towards the cottage. An interesting puzzle, even though I'm not usually a fan of timed puzzle sequences. I hope you fix the bugs and continue on with the next parts of this game.

It is a good start, I docked marks for the script errors for what I thought were obvious things (opening window and closing door) and the length.

Review by Michael29
26 Jun 2013
What a great game although it was short I liked your descriptions of everything and the feeling of coldness sent a shiver down my spine. This is exactly the reason I play text based games the use of imagination and the way you encouraged this was really good. Keep up the good game making :)

Review by Eric Björk
05 Feb 2013
I have to say I quite enjoyed this short game. I hope you finish the rest of it some time. I like the way you programed it to be similar to older text games, and I also liked the whole feel of the game. You did very well with your object and room descriptions and were thorough with making most objects have a look description. Even though there wasn't much of a storyline since it was so short, but it seems to be a great beginning. Great job and continue making games!

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