Halo Jones Book 1 by Adrian Bamforth

A unofficial non-profit-making interactive fiction game based on The Ballad of Halo Jones Book 1 by Alan Moore and Ian Gibson, published by 2000ad.

Halo Jones lives in 'The Hoop', a giant floating structure tethered off New York, housing 'Enhanced Leisure Citizens' - the poor and unemployed, along with alien immigrants and its own lobotomised police force. Tensions constantly simmer in the overcrowded ghetto, where even a shopping trip can be deadly, and Halo has a deep inner urge for something better.

This game includes 'Invisiclues' to offer solutions to each puzzle in the game - simply type 'help' at any time during the game to see a list of topics.

Please let me know of any feedback, errors or requests, by posting in the comments below.

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Written by
Adrian Bamforth

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 11 Sep 2015
Updated 02 Jan 2020