In My Mind by Etrilla

I've had a lot of weird dreams. And I mean A LOT. Some were nightmares, and some were beautiful. Every time I wake up from one, I think to myself that there should really be a game based around dreams. So, I finally made one. In this game, you'll play as Elizabeth Advery, who is having a dream of her very own. You'll get to explore the world that is her dream. it really a dream? Or is this a nightmare? Your choices will decide.

Note: This game is far from complete, however, updates will be posted as often as possible. Usually when I complete one or more of the many routes that you can take. If I haven't completed a full route within a week, I will at least post an update of what I have so far

Update: I finished the Southern routes! Now you can go through these without cliffhangers. I'll be working on East next.

Another update: Okay, south isn't quite done yet. I decided to add in some stuff.

Update 3: I FINALLY finished the Eastern Route. Coming up next, will be North

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Added 06 Aug 2016
Updated 15 Jan 2017