media giantess vore by 2ajbomb333

hello, this is my first text adventure and im learning as i go so please keep that in mind.

UPDATE 1: I have added two new sections in the tv hall, altho they have nothing beyond a name right now. While I'm typing this out let me explain the halls as I don't think it is well explained. There are four halls in each direction (this is to keep it easy for me). They are classified on how the media would normally be enjoyed (like anime, cartoons, and live action shows would be watched on a TV so they are all in one hall). Each hall has almost infinite rooms continuing in that direction (so if you go north you get one option, go further north you get another opinion in the same category). The halls/rooms will be updated when I feel I am up to the task (I'm mostly wanting to figure out how to have split paths and how to make options appear after specific events, if anyone can teach me that would be a huge help and possibly make updates go even faster). So that's basically it, I do apologise for the long read.

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Review by Ultra Blue Moon
25 Jan 2020
Not too bad for a start, can't wait to see what else you do with this game ^-^ I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Review by Mariosonicfan67
25 Jan 2020
So far, there isn't a lot to do, but it's a good start. There's only one person to talk to, but you can only interact and that's it, no other options. However I'm hopeful to see more in the future and if I can make a suggestion as a possible route, how about a Anime route? You can add it with either; Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, or Northwest.

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