The Magic Palace (English) by Riton

Here's a little bonus story to start off this new year. I want to make it clear right away, THIS IS NOT an interactive RPG.

Indeed, it is a story in its own right. This is one of my very first stories actually, long before I started coding interactive stories. I enjoyed spending time behind my computer and writing many voracious stories. Why did I do that? I don't know, it's always been a passion, no matter how weird it was.

This is actually an old story I had written and posted on my furrafinity account. Basically it was a RPG that I had done with a Brazilian friend. In my eyes, it was one of the best and terrible RPG of my life. I played the microphone, my friend played the macro, and we played it to the fullest. It was a wonderful moment. And it was so close to my heart that I decided to make it a written story. In fact, I won't hide the fact that this scenario inspired me a lot later on for my interactive RPG "The Massage".

I took the liberty of placing it on this site because I'm starting to concentrate all my life stories there and I thought it was a shame to keep it only on Furrafinity, and only in French. So I updated it and translated it into English via the Deepl website, but as I wrote above, it is not an interactive story, but a short story, to be discovered from beginning to end. I hope you will enjoy this reading. Personally, this is my favorite story.

Yours sincerely.

Review by Vorefan93
03 Jan 2021
I really enjoyed it, though some of the English needed improving

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