Ben Lerner for Dummies by AceAdrian

This text-based game draws upon various sources in an attempt to encourage and engage the reader into formulating different interpretations of the poem, “Didactic Elegy” by Ben Lerner, through relying on different theoretical positions. In doing so, these various interpretations of a single text, illustrate the multiplicity of meaning within Lerner’s work, as well as drawing attention to the value of each subsequent meaning.

The central scholarly debate underlying this piece is the importance of the author, and their subsequent role in the analysis of their text.

It's a game I created for an assignment but I was really happy with the end result so I've uploaded it up here in the hopes that it may help anyone who may also be interested in the idea of creating literary critique in the form of an interactive game.


And feel free to send any feedback to my email: [email protected]
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Published 18 Aug 2018