The Chromebooks 2: The Truth and the lie by Ya Boi Ky The French Fry

The Chromebooks 2 demo. Some things don't work so here's a list of what doesn't:

1. The option: He's not joking, that's his name. My name is QWERTYUIOP 5! and his name is T_Y_L_E_R_5_6, that activates after you click the option: My name is RainbowColorGamer456, does NOT work.

2. If you click: Get's help from Tyler, the next section leads you nowhere

3. The option: did nothing, does NOT work

if something else does not work, tell me and I will add it in the description. Also, Happy FRYday! Good-bye
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Written by
Ya Boi Ky The French Fry

Added 27 Sep 2019
Updated 19 Apr 2020