Pergima Space Expansion: Prologue by brotoss707

On the planet Eraht is a continent known as Pergima. It is a land populated by all manners of races. From the men of the Northern Allied Territories to the Kobold Queendom lying deep within the desert to the south, while all the land in between was filled with elves, avians, etc. There was a great war between the NAT and the Kobolds, which devastated the land, great Kobold warriors fought their way north, to save their imprisoned Queen, all the while Dragons burned the country side to ashes for all the crimes commited against them by the mortal races. Now, 900 years after this history changing event, the people of Pergima and the rest of Eraht have long populated other worlds, some even under the light of foreign stars. This is the story of one man, and his unexpected adventure, far away from the land where it all began.

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 15 Sep 2015