Toadstools by bitterkarella

Greetings, fellow mushroom enthusiast! If you're reading these words, it's because you too have decided to join the exciting and rewarding world of mushroom hunting. The Pamogo Forest is well known throughout the mycology world as the home to a stunning variety of unusal mushroom species, many found no where else on Earth. Of course, harvesting Pamogo mushrooms is strictly prohibited as the forest is a nature reserve, but we've assembled this book merely as a guide for the curious. It should in no way be construed as an endorsement of illegal mushroom harvesting. On the following pages, you'll find a wealth of information about some of the species of mushroom that you might encounter in the Pamogo Woods. Learn and enjoy!
Review by CloudlessKnight
10 Sep 2022
Beautiful, but I agree with cobradragon123 - also if you're facing west and turn right you're facing north except I can't get from Mr. Bojangles to the next marker.

Review by cobradragon123
19 Jul 2022
Great story. Creepy, but subtle about it. Who knew mushrooms could be so interesting?
That being said the different story paths are all super frustrating, all ending in an abrupt manner, with no real resolution to the plot. I've tried every single story action i can find, I've tried every mushroom I can discover, and there's not a single way out of the forest. Or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough?
If anyone does manage to find a proper ending to this story, can you write a review or a comment or something, because as of right now It feels like the story is incomplete or just cut short for some reason.
That being said, this text adventure is still a perfect 5/5 in my book and I hope you have fun exploring the world of Toadstools.

Review by theworldender
17 Mar 2021
this game is incredible in both worldbuilding and imagery - it sort of reminds me of the runners short stories by max lobdell, and i can practically smell the forest.

Review by dtd700
09 Nov 2020
Love the premise of this game. I was lured in by the curious cover art and the idea that there could be an engaging game around finding mushrooms, then got totally pulled in by the story and had to play through to the end.

Beautifully simple and well thought through - great work!

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